Serves 4-6

4 ea. Little Gem lettuce (cut the stem off & tear or cut each leaf in half)
8 oz. Fresh Hearts of Palm (thinly shaved on a mandolin or meat slicer) we use Hamakua Farms flown in fresh from Hawaii weekly
8 ea. Peppadew peppers (cut into 4 pcs. ea.)
2 ea. Blood Oranges (segments only)
1 ea. Watermelon Radish (thinly sliced on a mandolin or meat slicer & quartered)
¼ C. Pistachio (toasted & crushed)
6 oz. Peppadew Vinaigrette

1. In large bowl add all the little gem lettuce & the hearts of palm, toss with the peppadew dressing carefully not to damage the lettuce or the hearts of palm. Next put lettuce on top of each other layering with the hearts of palm. Place the watermelon radish, peppadew peppers, & blood orange segments around the plate & salad. Finally sprinkle the toasted pistachio on top of salad & serve.

For the peppadew vinaigrette:

Yields 4 cups of dressing

8 oz. Peppadew peppers
2 oz. Celery
1 oz. Shallot (rough chop)
¼ oz. Garlic
2 oz. Dijon Mustard
2 oz. White Balsamic Vinegar
2 oz. Red Wine Vinegar
2 oz. Honey
10 oz. 80/20 blend oil

1. In vita mix combine all ingredients except blended oil. With vita mix running slowly stream in oil until finished. If dressing is too thick use a little of the liquid from the peppadew’s to thin it out.

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