Yield: ??

3 lbs. Celery Root (rough chopped 1” pcs.)
1 lb Green Apple (peeled, cored, & rough chopped 1” pcs.)
1 lb Spanish Onion (peeled & rough chopped 1” pcs.)
5 oz. Shallot (rough chop)
1 oz. Garlic (smashed)
2 g. Green Cardamon (or 8 pcs.)
8 g. Peppercorn Malange
2 g. Star Anise
1 oz. Kosher Salt
8 oz. Butter (unsalted)
8 oz. Heavy Cream

1. Using Cheesecloth add Cardamon, Peppercorn Melange, & Star Anise. Tie it up to make a bouquet garne.
2. In a pot add all ingredients, including the bouquet garne.
3. Heat to a boil stirring occasionally, then lower to a simmer
4. Once celery root is soft enough to put a fork through it take off heat
5. Strain out all liquid & set aside for use later
6. Take bouquet garne out of vegetables.
7. In a Vitamix, add cooked vegetables & a small amount of liquid & puree until completely smooth. Do this in batches not filling up the Vitamix to much. Consistency should be thick but spreadable.
8. When finished place in a labeled container & refrigerate.

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